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List of Polyatomic Ions and Charges

 Simple ions – The ions which are formed from single atom carrying a positive or negative charge are called simple ions or mono-atomic ions. Example – Na+, Cl–, O-2, Al+3, N-3(nitride), Mg+2, Ca+2, Cu+2, Fe+2etc. Polyatomic ions -Polyatomic ions or compound ions are molecules formed from groups of atoms bonded together that carry a positive …

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IONS – Anions and Cations

Atoms are neutral; they contain the same number of protons (positive particles) and electrons (negative particles). When the numbers of these subatomic particles are not equal, the atom is electrically charged and is called an ion i.e. ions are electrically charged atoms with extra electrons or missing electrons. It means ions are formed when atoms lose or gain …

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