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My Corner – Is it becoming more difficult to forgive than ever before?


Is it becoming more difficult to forgive than ever before?

What is forgiveness ?

A beautiful reply –

“It is the fragrance the flowers give when they are crushed”. 

When we get angry, we don’t want to settle the dispute, when we are hurt, we don’t want to forgive, we want revenge. What we get from this path – anger, bitterness, restlessness, pain, sufferings…

It shows that forgiveness has more to do with ourselves than others. In fact, the whole process starts with us and ends with us, not the one we need to forgive.

How can we achieve it –  By ignoring the past memories and by taking the precautions for the future for not getting the similar feeling and by accepting the person as it is.

Looking so simple – isn’t it?

Of course not, whenever we face similar conditions, we lose the feeling of forgiveness and start hating the person more.
Is there any parallel path to forgiveness?

I invite you all for your views. It may enlighten all of us.


5 thoughts on “My Corner – Is it becoming more difficult to forgive than ever before?”

  1. We are human being and have very low tolerance level. So we tend to give it back else we keep getting frustrated.
    Forgiveness aha…don’t believe in it 🙂

  2. It has become harder to forgive people nowadays and that’s probably because our daily life now involves a lot of anger and frustration. Even if we forgive a person for a mistake, we unconsciously think about it and that increases the heap of hatred which only leads to more anger and no forgiveness.

  3. I can forgive a person once by giving benefit of doubt. I mean he / she might be innocent, by mistake… But repeated mistakes can’t be forgiven.

  4. Let the intellect decide and mind may follow accordingly.The decision should not be based on likes and dislikes.

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