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World of Matter

ASSESSMENT – Based on ‘Characteristics of Matter’

ASSESSMENT - 'Characteristics of Physical Nature of Matter'.

Based on 'Characteristics of Physical Nature of Matter'.

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Anything that occupies space and has mass is called matter.

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1. Which of the following are matter?

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2. Give reasons for the following observation -
The smell of hot sizzling food reaches you several meters away, but to get the smell from cold food you have to go close.

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3. A diver is able to cut through water in a swimming pool. Which property of matter does this observation show?

Characteristics of particles of matter

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4. What are the characteristics of particles of matter?

Hint - Based on density

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5. Put a pebble and a small plastic spoon in a beaker which is 2 /3rd filled with water. Which one would sink? Why?

Water has a density of 1.0 gm/cubic cm.
The density of ice is 0.931 gm/cubic cm.
The hydrogen bonds that form when water freezes into ice allow the molecules to be spaced farther apart, thus making them take more space, decreasing the overall density and making it float in the water. The water molecules in ice take up about 9% more space than liquid water, which means ice is about 9% less dense than water.


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6. Why does ice float on water?


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7. We can get the smell of perfume sitting several metres away. Give reason.

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8. Arrange the following substances in the increasing order of forces of attraction between the particles -

honey, water, iron plate, sugar, oxygen.